Your Fishing Charter - What to Expect


If you're wondering what a giant bluefin fishing trip aboard the Dawn Treader 1 will be like, get ready for the experience of a lifetime!  Both Captain Matthew Panuska and first mate Jesse Ryan are full-time, professional, experienced fishermen (First mate Jesse since 2002 and Captain Matt since 1992) and will do everything humanly possible to help you catch "the big one"!  Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing is the king of big game sport fishing.  The giant bluefin tuna is a bucket-list "must" gamefish for any serious big game angler.  We have the best odds of catching a "grander" tuna (thousand pound plus) of anywhere on earth.  The 1496 lb. world record was caught right where we fish.  In 2014, the Dawn Treader 1 caught one over 1300 lbs.  So show up ready to rumble!


Good bluefin tuna fishing charters will give you everything that you need to be successful. A charter package will include bait. You can have a great time catching it yourself or enjoy having it provided for you. We have an able fighting chair and state of the art 130 class rods and reels built to handle even a world record giant bluefin tuna!  We see world record sized fish every year. A good fishing charter will provide all of the gear that you will need to catch a large tuna that you can be proud of.


You do not have to be an experienced angler to go on Bluefin fishing charters. You can have a great time fishing even if you have never held a pole before. Experienced fishermen can show you all sorts of tricks to help make catching a large tuna a reality. Experienced fishermen will know where to go to catch the largest tuna around so you can relax and enjoy your day out on the water. If you are an experienced fisherman yourself, you can really enjoy learning where the best fishing spots are.


Your fishing charter should be comfortable. If the fishing trip is an all-day event, you should be served some type of food and drink. You can eat, drink, fish, and enjoy the beautiful views that will surround you while you are out on the water. You will be in a safe environment with experienced professionals, so you can let all of your worries melt away for the day.


Imagine spending long hours out on the sea enjoying the sunshine and sea breeze. A fishing charter is a great way to connect with and spend time with your family and friends. You can enjoy making many memories on your fishing trip.  |  © 2018 by Dawn Treader Fisheries, LLC. Web Design by: Kelly B. Designs

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